On Corbyn

Gordon Brown is right. Labour cannot be just a party of protest. For Labour to change Britain under Corbyn and contribute to the necessary transformation of Europe, it will have to become a party in power.

What does it take to win the next General Election for Jeremy Corbyn and all the activists and people who support his project?

Well, it is still a long shot, but there are certain things that will have to be set in motion as soon as possible:

  1. Corbyn needs to gather public and explicit support from some of the most prestigious economists in the world whose ideas underpin Corbyn’s agenda. It would help to counteract the accusations of economic incompetence. This has to be done at the right time and in the right way. Even relatively “friendly” media, like the Guardian, will ignore any endorsement provided by the academic world, as demonstrated few days ago when the letter showing support for Corbyn signed by 28 professors was given the same treatment as any other letter sent to the paper written by any other reader.
  2. The anti-austerity and social justice message is already very clear. Corbyn needs at this stage to engage with key activists and figures, inside and outside Labour, and outline in greater detail some big tangible projects that can capture people’s imagination and will benefit a vast majority of people. This will contribute to the development of a one-nation labour spirit.
  3. The business world is extremely diverse. The Corbyn camp needs to be aware, and show publicly, that there will be many industries in the country that will actually benefit greatly from the growth, equality and investment agendas of Corbyn. Divide and rule. A sector of the media will also follow suit and engage more positively.
  4. Corbyn should take advantage of people’s anger about Europe and the disillusionment about politics and turn them into a vast desire for radical transformation of democratic governance, both in the UK and in Europe.

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