Lessons from The Bible

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

King James Bible

Beware of minimum wage promises,
which come to you as a blessing,
but cunningly mixed with the withdrawal of tax credits.

Beware of freedom of enterprise,
which comes to you as real progress,
but shamefully dressed with privilege for corporations.

Beware of the flexibility to work,
which comes to you as independence,
but turns workers into sperm in search of an egg.

Beware of tax cuts for the people,
which come to you as relief,
but distract our attention from tax-havens for the rich.

Beware of the right to choose a hospital,
which came to you as respect,
but turns patients into consumers and doctors into accountants.

Beware of 7-days a week NHS,
which comes to you as common sense,
but is another bulwark for the privatisation of our health.

Beware of the words “hard working people”,
which come to you as a compliment,
but are just an insult for the disable and the jobless.

Beware of those who want you to sing anthems,
which come to you as fraternal rejoice,
but mask the fascist soft power of our corrupt institutions.

Beware of “national security reasons”,
which come to you as safety for us,
but are an excuse to prop-up our murderous weapons industry.

Beware of the word “Britain” pronounced with a sharp “t”,
which comes as a mark of moral authority,
but is a sign of a blinding, imperial, self righteous pride.

Beware of the eloquent down-to-earth patriots,
which come to you as a smily, refreshing pint of bitter,
but ignore those who love their country most by confronting austerity in the streets.

Beware of Tory prophets and their media lot,
which come to you in smart clean clothing,
but inwardly are nothing but filthy, selfish, evil souls.

Tony Martin-Woods

Copyright © 2015. Tony Martin-Woods
Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved.
Written in the morning of the Tory Conference whilst watching the Andrew Marr “Show”

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