The Corbyn Identity

In the last 2 months I have been listening to loads of opinions about Corbyn and the obstacles he faces. The most valuable one at this stage of play comes from a very knowledgable and experienced friend and comrade. He told me that, in reality, the True Blairites are a tiny minority of MPs and that the vast majority of MPs are hugely pragmatic people who will not want to upset the grassroots and will be able to adapt to the new landscape.

At the end of the day, you can’t deny that the survival and winning instinct is in the MPs’ DNA. Some of them are even very good actors and quick learners: my friend tells me that he knows of one MP who expressed support for different 3 candidates, including Corbyn, in front of different audiences.

The Blair Identity, a project of mental infiltration in the Labour Party that probably inspired the script writers of the film The Bourne Identity, may turn out to be a flop (an expensive one for the country). Jason Labour has now discovered the details of the plot and is sorting things out.

So, should the Corbynistas relax?

Not at all. The internal opposition to Corbyn, not just from True Blairites, is real. The political fight for quotas of power and the debate for alternative policies will continue. There are huge tasks ahead. But, as I suggested in a previous post (Corbyn’s Survival), reinventing grassroots democracy in the Party is not only a key issue for Corbyn. It should become his overwhelming priority too.


It is essential in itself, as a matter of principle. But also, think about this: We in Britain like to think that we are world champions of democracy. A democratising agenda, of the party and the country, would be a great asset that no right-wing media would dare to contest. It would also bring plenty of “communication opportunities” to the Corbynista camp. There is so much rot in the governance of UK PLC. Just read the Private Eye.

What about the socio-economic agenda?

Whilst remaining committed to the general principles of increased social rights and public ownership, and being a strong opposition, Corbyn should allow the grassroots of the party, the experts in social issues and the anti-austerity movements to take a stronger lead in this conversation. They can be more “radical” than the Parliamentary Labour Party. Collaborative revolution.

The general elections are not here yet. Let’s build strategically. The future of he country is at stake and we cannot waste this opportunity.

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