The pulse of the nation

Honi soit qui mal y pense

I am the matriot
The highest patriot
I serve my shares
I sooth my country
I sing my anthem
I save myself

No God

If he doesn’t sing along!

Eons and eons
Of red cells squandered
I’ll never leave me
You’ll never either
Epsilons drunken


That Tony

He made me proud

And Dave
And Nick

What a nice bunch
Of loyal
Spreading my seeds in the world
Whilst feeding our petals

And you!

I always have
One place for you

In my mind

In my garden of Eden
The East of Eden
The Sun bleeds no more

Fear not!

Is just human
Aren’t liable
For feasting
On flesh

It’ fine!

Those lentils
Are soothing
The maid cooks them well
Farewell to clouds!

Your tie!

Get a tie
And a flower
For the innocent soldier
Sent to kill and to die
To the line of the front


To clumsy
Fat generals
Historians claim
I should have sacked

I’m no man

No woman
No gender
No sex
No pleasure
No pain


Forget what you saw in the toilet
A sneeze of mine
And you shall be heeled


For I am the oak
Made of steel
With branches in hell
And over the seas
Wearing a necklace
Of bullets of marble

For you

For you are the lamb
Begotten through me
And I will transcend
Victorious to death
A nation of past times
Rejoicing eternal

For I am the matriot
The highest patriot
I serve my shares
I sooth my country
I sing my anthem
I save myself
I am not impressed!

No God

If he kneels not at my throne

I love you
I love you
For you’re a piece
One piece of me
For I’m made of you
For you are my portrait
For I am the map

I love you
I love you
Look at the colours
The shadowy bits
The counties and roads
The rivers and bridges
It’s you
It’s me

I love me
I love me
I love me
I love me…
…Wave the flag
Keep smiling
Raise your hand
We parade

Copyright © 2015. Tony Martin-Woods
Todos los derechos reservados. All rights reserved

2 Replies to “The pulse of the nation”

  1. No hymn no national anthem …
    As words go, there not my best or favourite means, these words are out there chasing the truth.
    Bloody good!!!


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