Vegetarian Answers to the Mysteries of the Universe

The universe / bright bodies roam / with unique numerical souls / in dark fields / with no fence / on plasma screens / with frames beyond

Breathing gravity in (Please Inhale) / Breathing energy out (Please Exhale) / (Again!) / Breathing gravity in (Please Inhale) / Breathing energy out (Please Exhale)

Breathing in / all our passion / and candor / Breathing out / so much trouble / Sometimes coughing in despair    

Curiosity / stimulated / in a clueless / intelligent journey / (perusing the pages of cosmos) in the skies / dodging antimatter / scrambling / through mystery

A simulation to forget / the exclusive sorrow / of being so grand / of being so lone

A simulation to perform / the singular privilege / of inhabiting / the basement

of an inverted pyramid/ of ecosystems / in constant state of rebellion

And the Answers? / Where are the Answers? / I leave those / as homework / for you, / Dear Students, / for our next seminar,

I leave those / with another human, / who will write / the holy coding / for a Language Model / of Artificial Ethics, / of Artificial Beauty, / of Artificial Love.

I leave, / at the end, / the Answers to your Questions / with the skilled hunters, / the networking predators, / of the highest honors / of the finest prizes, / the carnivore minds / of metaphors for sale.

Poem written in the morning of the 30th of December 2022. Images generated from text extracts of the poem by Artificial Intelligence by Wombo

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